We are always going to car washes. Some people know how to wash their car with the many washes and soaps there, but then again some don’t…. LEARN NOW!


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For David- SSX Snowboarding

SSX (short for Snowboard Supercross[1]) is the first in the SSX series of snowboarding video games. It was developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 2 in October 2000. It is the first game in EA’s EA Sports Big brand, which specializes in extreme sports titles with an unrealistic or arcade feel.

SSX was both a commercial and critical success, while also receiving numerous industry awards, and was widely regarded by critics as one of the standouts of the PlayStation 2’s launch library. The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences gave SSX five awards, including “Console Sports Game of The Year” and “Racing Game of The Year”. The executive producer and creative leader of SSX was Steve Rechtschaffner, who was also the inventor of the now Olympic snowboard event called Boardercross, which served as the inspiration for the game.

Subsequent titles in the SSX series include, in order of release: SSX Tricky, SSX 3, SSX on Tour, SSX Blur, and a sequel/reboot released in 2012, SSX.


Players may choose one of a number of riders, each with their own statistics and boarding style. A course is selected, and the player is given the option of racing down the course or participating in a competition to do tricks.

Each course is filled with ramps, rails, jumps, and other assorted objects. Performing tricks fills up the player’s boost meter, which can then be used for additional acceleration, making tricks important even in a race. While some tricks do have origins in snowboarding, many of the more advanced tricks are not realistic to actual physics. This matters little in games of this style, as the larger and more extreme tricks count for the most points and are the most spectacular to execute. Players also have the option of practicing or exploring courses in “freeride” mode.

There are eight characters, with four available at the start. They are Mac, Elise, Moby, Kaori, Zoe, JP, Jurgen and Hiro.

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Death of Osama bin Laden

Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin had, until bin Laden’s death, been without parallel in the world’s opinion of villainy. They were absolute evils, universally despised except by very small numbers of fanatics whose philosophy no one has ever taken seriously. Bin Laden’s status the world over was virtually equivalent to this. He still has plenty of supporters, most of them in various places throughout the Middle East, but their percentage is microscopic compared to the favorable response to his death on May 1, 2011. And it was the United States military, without help from anyone else, that did it.

What his death means can be best estimated by means of the world’s favorable response. The phrase repeated in variation was, “He got what he deserved. Justice was served.” In Dearborn, Michigan, a city with a large Muslim population, thousands of Muslims crowded around the city hall and set off fireworks. Osama bin Laden was an enemy of civilized humanity. He lived for his self-perceived purpose of destroying peaceful relations between cultures, and the annihilation of democracy. The United States made the most obvious target for his reckless hate, and he championed murder and suicide. He was a monster.

But most importantly is the technical difficulty involved in finding and dealing with him. It is no easy thing to find someone on Earth who does not want to be found. The USA employed almost every single weapon in its arsenal, the most powerful in the history of Earth, in locating him, and he still evaded justice for a decade. That justice was able to be served, long after most people had given up hope, is a testament to “waking the sleeping giant and filling him with a terrible resolve.” That America never gave up and overcame the difficulties is the true death knell of global terrorism. It may take a century or more, but terrorism will be stopped. Now we believe it.

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We pay a visit to the gas station at least once a week, especially these days. Well have you ever wondered HOW a nozzle “knows” when to shut off? You go to pump, and the nozzle actually shuts off in your hand! how does it do it?! Learn how… TODAY!!

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Everyone wears pants right? or at least I hope so! Well, have you ever wondered what the “YKK” actually stands for? We see it everyday! Find out …TODAY!

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